Lamar Kuwait | Maintenance Services
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Maintenance Services

Lamar Maintenance Services is based on safe, reliable people movement solution & equipment that is serviced by experienced technicians. Our customers’ mobility systems must be maintained routinely and thoroughly to operate safely and efficiently. Our Services Division customizes a program for our customers’ building, communicating it well and executing the plan with integrity.


Improperly maintained systems are the biggest risk in any multi-story building. They increase facility-operating cost and bring significant safety risks like:


  • Poor maintenance leads to malfunction and system failure – this in turn leads to increased repair costs and decreased lifespan for key systems components.
  • Poor maintenance increases safety hazards, resulting in risk of injury and entrapment for riders.
  • Doors close improperly, potentially on riders who are elderly or disabled. Riders are entrapped without functioning phones.
  • Doors open to un-level floors, causing tripping hazards.
  • Fire service recall doesn’t function, impeding emergency response time and risking the lives of emergency response personnel.


On Budget, On Time.

For Construction

From initial design to equipment installation, Lamar Service is the right business partner to its customers for all people movement solutions. We will work with our customers to design a custom, non-proprietary solutionsto fit their building’s unique needs. New construction projects can present many challenges. With Lamar Service, our customers’ new systems will not be one of them.

For Commercial

Properly designed and installed mobility solutions maximize efficiency in every multi-story building. Our customers’ contractor should customize a solution based on the customer business needs and fits for the planned and desired building occupancy, usage and energy footprint. Lamar Service will design customers’ custom, non-proprietary solutions to fit their building. We design an elite, high quality and above all, safe and efficient systems and install them with well-trained professional technicians.

For Residential

We are committed to our customers’ comfort

Residential solutions offer affordable access and advanced mobility throughout a home, allowing residents to remain living independently in their comfortable surroundings. Our Services will expertly design the ideal residential solution for our customers’ home, focusing on cost-effective, minimally invasive solutions. Our expert technicians will install the system professionally, on time and on budget – treating our customers’ house like their ownthroughout the installation process.


  • Professional project management
  • Time and cost-efficient installation methods
  • Comprehensive testing and quality assurance before handover


We are dedicated to Safety, Reliability & Elite Modernization


  • Are elevator shutdowns harming the operation of the building?
  • Are costly repairs challenging your budget?
  • Are your building’s visitors frustrated by long wait times for elevators to arrive and travel? Could the look of your elevator be lovingly described as “vintage”?


​It may be time to modernize your elevator equipment.


Whether our customers are looking to upgrade their entire mobility system in one shot or phased over time, Lamar Services will design a modernization strategy for their unique needs. Following our customers’ modernization project, their facility will operate more efficiently, and their users will move quickly and safely. Operational efficiencies come from increased reliability, lower energy usage, even distribution of passengers between cars, and system redundancy to maintain operations even if one car goes out of service. Modernized mobility systems benefit the riding public with shorter wait times, shorter travel times, increased ride comfort and car leveling at floor stops.


Elevator Service designs and modernizes elevators with great respect for building operations. We complete projects on time and on budget.


  • Customized solutions that meet our customers’ exact needs
  • Instant online access to maintenance data
  • Equipment assessment and asset management planning


Safe…KFSD Compliant…Headache Free…

Lamar Testing Services is available to perform all types of testing and inspections required by the KFSD Safety Division. Our Services will perform all elevator testing, elevator inspections, manage any necessary correction orders, and process all state documentation required to keep your elevator system violation free. When you work with Lamar Services, the systems compliance are no longer our customers’ concern; it’s ours. We’ve got this.