Lamar Kuwait | About Us
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About Us

Company History

Over a decade, LAMAR was founded to be one of the top specialized companies in Kuwait to supply, install and maintain the best and safest people movement solutions that fits for its customers’ needs.

Since LAMAR was founded, it dedicated its team and resources to deliver to its customers for many decades of heritage experience in safest people movement solutions that was introduced to the world since 1853.

Our success in supplying and maintaining customers’ needs had been developed over years of professional work and experience. LAMAR, as the sole provider to three of the top ten brands in people movement solutions benchmarked its leadership in Kuwait market. In addition to high level of professional services that is driven from its believe of centric customer care and value engineering.

What we do

LAMAR is one of the leading providers for people movement solutions. Our role with our clients is to act as their consultant for quality and safety before being a supplier and professional services provider. We are focused in delivering the best and the safest energy saving people movement solutions (Elevators, Escalators, Walking Ways and Smart Car Parking Systems). LAMAR as the sole provider for “DSK that was established before 1853, SWORD and ISUZU” plus other partnerships, made sure to lead the local market to the top international standards. LAMAR believes that, its customer deserve to own the best people movement solutions warranted by its superior vendors that fulfilled customers’ needs.

LAMAR main business lines are:

Supply and install for all types of buildings, all people movement solutions like:

  • Elevators:
  • Escalators
  • Walking Pathways
  • Smart Car Parking System

Professional Services

  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Modernization
  • Testing

24x7x365 Call Centre

Consulting Services

  • Inspections
  • Specifications
  • Designs & Reviews
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Other Services


  • Exclusive Partnerships
  • DSK


Our vision is, to be global business enabler and value added services provider in the Middles East and North Africa (MENA) for People Movement Solutions in LAMAR through our top of the world products and professional services.


We are:

  • Dedicated to deliver high fidelity services, and implement the latest trends that provide excellent value to our customers in terms of quality, safety, and energy friendly solutions.
  • Fulfilling the delivery of high quality products and end-to-end people movement solutions on time and every time
  • Committed to provide excellent value to our customers’ business for sustainable satisfaction and value for money products
  • Delivering a value added services to our customers through our expert’s consultancy services with top leading best practices maintaining high standards


Integrity & Sincerity

Honesty and strong moral principles are the soul of LAMAR to interact with the market and economy, and, it is the company culture in terms of customer car and quality of products. LAMAR uphold a high degree of integrity to the community and branded itself as trusted provider for safety and comfort of customer


LAMAR’s success stems from the passion to the importance of its people movement solutions like elevator, escalators, walking pathways and automatic parking system. When everyone is focused on developing the future of LAMAR, that hard-working spirit will promote LAMAR to a more long-term trajectory and market leadership in Kuwait.


LAMAR adherence to scientific and technological innovation is the primary productive force of its market philosophy. Since the establishment of the company leading independent innovation journey, vigorously introduce all kinds of high-level professionals, fully committed to people movement solutions from technology research, development projects, and deepen the development of standards in supplying its products, as well as determination of creating a star-century people movement solution innovatively.


People are the core of the power and assets of LAMAR since the beginning of establishment. LAMAR have a highly efficient team capable of upholding a highly consistent team spirit, Co-write the global branding of LAMAR and its image.

Business goals & objectives

Present LAMAR as global value added services and trends provider in MENA in 5 years’ time

Build sustainable business lines for LAMAR in three years

  • Achieve 15-25% year-to-year business growth

Scale up LAMAR through acquisitions of unique business lines in three years’ time like:

  • Automation of people movement solutions,
  • Smart parking systems,
  • Green elevators, and
  • Others

Growth strategy

Our growth strategy is combined of vertical and horizontal business expansion with objective of sustainable year-to-year revenue growth. LAMAR business plan had been set to grow vertically through adding relevant strategic business lines, and horizontally to have multiple offices through alliances as well as local presence in Middle East and North Africa offices.