Lamar Kuwait | Consultancy Services
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Consultancy Services

LAMAR Consulting Services Division


LAMAR Consulting Services is a division specializing in people movement solutions like, elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, and handicap lift systems. The division is responsible to provide guidelines to the customers to be able to acquire the safest people movement solution within their budget compliant with Kuwait Fire Services Department “KFSD”. Lamar Consulting Division has no affiliation with any industry contractor or developer, and handles all aspects Building Specifications for the benefit of protecting and enhancing the asset value of the Owner. Elevator Consulting Services are compliance specialists for maintenance contracts, specifications and performance issues.


LAMAR Consulting Services provides its services for the vertical transportation systems in virtually all building types, including office buildings, hotels, retail centers, residential buildings, courthouses, research facilities, and many other special purpose-building types. We provide high quality services for the specification, tender, installation, operation and modernization of people movement solutions by:


  • Integrating vertical transportation system design with overall project objectives
  • Implementing elevator industry technical innovations tempered by practical experience
  • Working closely with three out of top ten worldwide manufacturers in a competitive environment to achieve multiple objectives that satisfy design, performance and budget requirements


Following are the services provided by LAMAR Consulting Services:


  • Determines the quality and performance level of existing maintenance
  • Routine and Periodic Inspections required by KFSD
  • Determines modernization requirements and course of action
  • Evaluates and verify compliance with KFSD of finished product
  • Progress Inspections
  • Turnover Inspections
  • Warranty Inspections


  • New installation specifications
  • New maintenance agreements, specifications, contracts to optimize asset value
  • Modernization specifications
  • Design criteria
  • Expert advice on equipment selection and planning
  • LAMAR tools, CAD and BIM models, traffic analysis and interior designer
  • Energy consumption calculations

Designs & Reviews 

  • Shop Drawing & Submittal Review
  • Elevator System Layouts
  • Internet of Things high tech solutions design
  • Design for customized mobility solutions that fit for any customers’ specialized needs
  • Invoices, Repair Work
  • Contracts
  • Progress Management of ongoing projects

Traffic Analysis 

  • Computer simulated traffic analysis to determine the elevator system requirements for proposed building designs and to theoretically evaluate the quality of service in existing buildings
  • Traffic analysis to determine the impact on the elevator system of increasing the building population, determining average waiting times
  • Recommendations based on analysis


  • Assessment for compliance with Kuwait Fire Services Department
  • Provide expert witness assistance with authorities and legal entities
  • General Assistance with Vertical Transportation related issues
  • Insurance Claim Review
  • Due Diligence

Project Management

  • Bid Specifications
  • Bid Analysis, Evaluation & Negotiation
  • Progress Meetings
  • Installation Observation
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Contract Audit
  • Equipment Audit
  • Maintenance Contract Specifications
  • Maintenance Contract Bid Management

Training Services 

LAMAR as a leading company in people movement solutions with safety and care, has developed and educational programs for all ages on how to deal with its all supplied solution in terms of quality of proper use, KFSD regulation and above all, safety procedures and how to handle hazardous situations that applied on its supplied products specifically and other products generally